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About This Site

Hey you found the ‘about’ page!

This website is my own personal blog. Most posts will be related to EVE Online but that may change depending on where the future takes me. I like theorycrafting, wormholes, and long warps on the Beach. Many of the older posts in the CZ category are my original works ported over from

So where do I start?

Here are a few of the article/series’ that I’m most proud of. Take a look!

And as for another project which you might enjoy, check out EVEFeed! It’s a satire site that didn’t last so long, but it was a fun little project while it lasted:

If you need to contact me then check out the contact buttons at the top left for social media and Discord links. I’m always happy to help if anyone asks for it. Oh and also you should totally send donations to ‘Ashley Traynor‘ in-game yes yes.

-Ashy // Laura