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Announcement: EVE Uni Guest Lecture with…me!

Turns out I’m going to be running a class over on EVE Uni. This was one of those things that just sort of happened and two days later here we are. Sure, I can roll with that. I’m pretty hyped actually; teaching newbros is something I don’t typically have the time to do most days so I’m hoping I can spread my knowledge like extra-strong Marmite on lightly toasted brioche.

For real, though, this should be a relatively interesting class for vets too. I’ll be covering my history, what I do, a general Q&A, and ‘The Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started in WH Space’. The rest of the deets are in this post here:

Saturday, 21 March 20:00 EVE Time
EVE Uni Mumble

There will be slides

If you have any canned questions to ask ahead of time then check the details in the thread. Alternatively… come speak to me. My DMs are open on Twitter and you should be able to contact me relatively easily in-game or on Discord. Always happy to help with any questions about fitting, WH space, my favourite way to toast bread, etc.

[17:22] MikeKingswell: Also: am I famous now? A famous Eve blogger sort of kind of mentioned me in one of their articles!!!eleven!!one!!

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